About my Journey

 Be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10

On September 25th my life changed with a single statement from my doctor.  I been summoned to come see her in her office.  She had sent me for a CT Scan and now wanted to talk about the results.   At the appointment she informed me that the CT Scan showed what the radiologist thought was a malignant tumour. She said she would refer me to Cancer Care.

This started a new journey for me.  However, it’s not just for me, my family and friends are also affected by this.  I am asking you to journey with me as I face whatever God’s plan is for me.

I will try to update this site regularly.  I will ask you to pray for me, my family and my many wonderful friends.

If you would want to journey with me please click on the  [follow] button on the bottom right side of this page.  You will then be notified by email whenever I update this page.



  1. Dear Frank and Joyce,our thoughts and prayers are with you.may God give you strength for today and touch you in a very special way. Sending our live to you from Paraguay.Rudy,Wilma and Giovanni


  2. Dear Joyce and family,
    We have been praying and thinking of you often. Our hearts are going out for you all, and your strength in the Lord is such a blessing. Much love, John and Marilyn from Scotch Creek.


  3. Asking for prayer for my breathing.. the last couple of days its gotten harder I think we need to go get it checked out tomorrow.. praying for relief thank you so much for your prayers.


  4. Joyce, my prayer is that Jesus will touch you today in a miraculous way. May He give you peace and strength to push through the treatments and be encouraged. Continue in the Hope that He is faithful and will never leave you or forsake you.

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  5. Joyce, may you and Frank feel God’s presence as you celebrate the coming of our Saviour. May He continue to be your hope and strength.


  6. Joyce, I can’t forget all the wonderful times and tons of laughs from our time at Bible School. You are such a speccial person and will always be loved all those who know you. We’re never the same after knowing you. Lots of love, Marilyn Giesbrecht and John (Torhjelm)


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